Forecast of User’s Water Consumption

The main objective and outcome of the proposed research project will try to develop a model that will be able to predict the water consumption level of users as well as the station. Deliverables of the project will be reports, presentation and a software solution that will include a model for the forecast of water consumption. Research will involve supervised and unsupervised data mining techniques. The solution will be in the R programming language that can be used by the Lowfoot Inc. to predict the actual water consumption in the Peterborough, ON. For the company the outcomes of the research has a quite applied value. The primary goal of the company is the cooperation with the utility suppliers for the prediction of a user consumption level and its further decrease during the consumption peaks by sending out notifications. All these results will help to extend the market of the company.

Faculty Supervisor:

Sabine McConnell


Edgar Khachatryan


Lowfoot Inc


Computer science


Natural resources




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