Forensic Manufacturing: Development of Innovative Materials Solutions in Emerging Electronics Technology Sectors

The world we live in is becoming increasingly dependent on electronic devices. With emerging technologies such as autonomous vehicles and smart cities, these devices will strongly influence the way we work, live, and play. In many applications, high reliability is desired, and the understanding of how and why a device should fail is essential in preventing future, potentially catastrophic events from occurring. This project, in conjunction with Celestica Inc., employs state of the art materials characterization techniques to study the properties of materials in electronic devices, such as solder joints. The outputs from this project will allow for the development of novel materials to be implemented in actual devices in the future, which are more rugged and durable in demanding applications. The project will allow Celestica to leverage its expertise in aerospace into other high reliability industries to differentiate as a global leader in electronics manufacturing solutions.

Faculty Supervisor:

Doug Perovic


Andre Delhaise




Engineering - other


Aerospace and defense




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