Forestry Cloud App Project

Digital imaging has become a leading feature in cell phones, security camera and satellite images. In addition to a race for picture clarity, the opportunities for data analysis and artificial intelligence (AI) are among the key elements attracting attention. The emergence of image enhancement and AI is relatively new, although it has a number of players taking differing perspectives and positioning. This project is for research and development to extend the existing image fusion technology for applications in the forestry industry; specifically to identify species of trees using satellite imagery with an accuracy level of 60% or better. The outcome will eliminate the need by landowners/foresters to use “Photo Interpreters” (process where a person physically views the trees from a plane and estimates percentage of tree species in area) to analyze the percentage of trees by species on their land. This will save time and reduce costs significantly.

Faculty Supervisor:

Patricia Evans


Sarthak Gupta


SceneSharp Technologies Inc.


Computer science



University of New Brunswick



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