Fraud Prevention in Real-Time B2B Payments Using Streaming Algorithms

The Pungle payments-as-a-service platform delivers low cost, real-time, friction free business disbursements, peer-to-peer (P2P) transfers, and B2B supplier payments. Pungle’s mission is to enable businesses with a digital payments platform that provides real-time disbursements and transfers. The problem that arises with digitization of business payments is higher risk for fraud due to its electronic nature. Therefore, there’s a need to be absolutely certain that both the sender and recipient of payments are the intended parties and that there are no anomalies in payment volume and frequency. This project is to build a streaming data pipeline, including data warehousing, that will allow us to log and persist transaction data for both audit trails and as a data set with which we will then develop and train real-time fraud prevention system using the latest research in streaming / machine learning algorithms.

Faculty Supervisor:

Richard Zemel


Xu Sun




Computer science


Information and communications technologies




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