From Data Collection, Maintenance and Analysis to Effective Air Traffic Management

Skyplan Services Ltd. is a company active in the air traffic management domain. The company is interested in expanding their current working application by benefiting from advanced technology to develop an integrated environment and solutions for air traffic management in order to provide better service at the international arena. Students to be involved in this project will build a data repository to host data to be collected, cleaned, built, integrated and processed for knowledge discovery which will guide more focused decision making. A Web-based and a mobile app multilingual communication platform will be developed to help in connecting a variety of data sources and domains. The target is to maintain data privacy by enforcing security in communication. Intelligent data processing and analysis techniques will be employed to benefit the best from data. This includes behavior analysis, trend prediction, etc.

Faculty Supervisor:

Reda Alhajj


Alper Aksac




Computer science


Aerospace and defense




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