From visual analysis to visual analytics

Visual analytics “the science of analytical reasoning facilitated by interactive visual interfaces” is a new approach to the timely and effective analysis of complex technical and operational systems. Our previous MITACS internships at Aeroinfo applied this scientific approach to mixed-initiative human/computational analysis to improve aircraft safety & reliability analysis and business planning, resulting in changes to aircraft design and pilot training. The next step in operationalizing visual analytics for Aeronifo is to capture "best practices" from analyses that have been proven successful, and to propose ways to select and customize analysis software and methods to replicate and extend those successes. This internship cluster will accomplish this by applying a new approach to analysis developed in our laboratory that is based on H. Clark's Joint Activity Theory developed at Stanford University. Outcomes will be methodological, in the form of improved analysis techniques and training, and technological, in the form of better analysis suites.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Brian Fisher


Ethan Soutar-Rau, Nadya Calderon & Linda Kaastra


Boeing Canada Operations Ltd.


Interactive arts and technology


Aerospace and defense


Simon Fraser University



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