Frost removal in the presence of an electric field on a fin and tube evaporator

High voltage electrodes will be used to remove the frost from the front part of the fin and tube evaporator inside the case of the refrigeration system provided by the company. Over the period of a few hours the frost buildup can become quite substantial on the fin leading edge. It is expected that the electrostatic forces will affect the way that frost forms on the surface and the efficiency of the evaporator can be increased. This defrosting system leads to better performance of the refrigeration system and increasing the time between the traditional defrosting cycles. The anti-frosting performance of this new defrosting system will be tested in a commercial refrigerator.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Kazimierz Adamiak


Osameh Ghazian


Cayuga Displays Inc.


Engineering - computer / electrical


Consumer goods


Western University



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