Fusing Terahertz and MWIR Technologies to Recycle E-waste Black Plastics

The use of both Terahertz and Mid-Wave Infrared scanning with artificial intelligence software to interpret and identify different types of black plastics. Current sorting technology cannot sort black or very dark colored plastics as they have very similar features, and therefore cannot be recycled. To solve this problem a new technique must be established. Each polymer material that interacts with terahertz and MWIR rays have a unique spectral signature. Combining terahertz scanning with MWIR to get additional sensor data will allow us to train an artificial neural network to sort and identify black plastics with high accuracy while mitigating the shortcomings of both technologies. With the objective of expanding environmental awareness, this research will count towards keeping our landfills more organized and reducing combined waste.

Faculty Supervisor:

Safieddin Safavi-Naeini;Hamidreza Karbasi


Anand Sandagdorj


TeTechs Inc.


Engineering - computer / electrical



University of Waterloo


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