GaN applications in high efficiency, high power density AC adapters

The ever-growing market of portable electronic devices (e.g., laptop computers, tablets, smartphones) has resulted in the penetration of AC adapters in households greater than ever. Accordingly, the portability of such devices entails substantial demands for light-weighted and compact devices. This necessitates the critical need for high power density and highly efficient adapters. In particular, consumers continuously expect to have a more compact adapter with higher efficiency. Besides, the current technology has reached mature stages. At this point, a new era of wide-bandgap semiconductors, specifically gallium nitride (GaN) based transistors, wins the competition to enhance the power density and efficiency exponentially. This is due to the superior GaN’s characteristics compared to former silicon transistors. Thus, this research aims to address the design and implementation of GaN transistors in high-power-density, high-efficiency converters for AC adaptor applications. This research will tremendously impact the industry as the GaN transistor applications are revolutionizing the world.

Faculty Supervisor:

Majid Pahlevani


Rahil Ghatreh Samani


GaN Systems Inc.


Engineering - computer / electrical




University of Calgary



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