GaN Power Transistor Modelling and Experimental Verification

Crosslight Software Inc. is a leading provider of technology CAD (TCAD) tools for the design and simulation of semiconductor devices. They are specialized in innovative III-V compound materials which are considered as the next generation materials for power semiconductor devices. Crosslight has on-going activities in developing accurate simulation models for gallium nitride (GaN) material and devices. In particular, this is critical for the design of GaN based power transistors. This project aims to evaluate a variety of widely used processes involved in the fabrication of GaN power transistors to assist Crosslight in improving their GaN TCAD models. Specifically, we wish to focus on the metal semiconductor alloying process under high temperature annealing, including surface morphology, alloying product and temperature dependent crystallization mechanisms.

Faculty Supervisor:

Wai Tung Ng


Wei Jia Zhang


Crosslight Software


Engineering - computer / electrical






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