Gardyn Home Optimization and Testing for Home-Based Plant Growth Production

Vertical farming is an agricultural approach that involves indoor, large-scale plant cultivation, at multiple levels, with controlled environmental conditions, a hydroponic nutrient solution and artificial light. This space-saving approach to growing fruit and vegetables has the potential to meet increasing fresh produce demand in dense urban areas. In recent years, several commercial entities have marketed smaller scale, vertical plant growth systems to consumers who want fresh and locally grown food. These at-home systems vary in design and claim user-friendliness, yet they still hold many limitations. The goal of this research is to test and optimize the at-home plant growth system “Gardyn Home”, designed by Groupe FXR Jardyn S.A. We have a four step plan to improve the Gardyn prototype. We will expand the types of plants grown with this at-home system by selecting different varieties and cultivars that are nutritious, have short growing cycles and stature, as well as known drought- or disease-resistant properties. In addition, we will test and compare different light emitting diode (LED) settings with respect to plant growth and yield. Third, we will develop a nutrient tracking system for the hydroponic system.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mark Lefsrud


Rachael Warner;Bo-Sen Wu


Groupe FXR Jardyn s.a.


Engineering - other




McGill University



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