Gelatin modified separator for dendrite free metal anode

In commercial batteries, metal anode-based batteries, mainly using zinc or lithium as the anode, provide higher battery capacity than traditional metal ion batteries. Lithium metal anodes have a theoretical specific capacity 10 times higher than commercial lithium ion batteries with graphite as the anode. Zinc anodes are excellent anodes for use in aqueous batteries, because they offer the highest energy density of all aqueous battery systems and low cost. [2] However, formation and growth of metal dendrites during charge/discharge cycles shortens cyclability of metal-anode batteries; this represents a major challenge for their commercialization. We propose a solution to prevent dendrite formation: we will develop a novel separator by gelatin modification, which will enable uniform deposition of metal ions and inhibit dendrite formation. Outcomes of this research will enable the partner organization to reduce production costs, increasing the size of the market and increase the company’s profits; further increasing their competitiveness within the battery industry.

Faculty Supervisor:

Pu Chen


Shengkai Li


D&H Partners Ltd


Engineering - chemical / biological





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