Generation of Application Level Traffic Markings For Smartphones

Mobile Network Carriers are experiencing unprecedented data traffic loads which are straining their existing infrastructure. They are thus interested in exploring research areas which focus on reducing this traffic load. The malicious traffic generated by malware on smartphones is of particular interest. My research focuses on the generation of a software system that marks traffic from smartphones to indicate the specific phone application which has generated the data flow. Network carriers will then be able to give good bandwidth allocation to only known and trusted applications while unknown applications, including malware, will not be given the bandwidth allocation they would require to cause significant congestion. As part of the University of Victoria’s Entrepreneurial Engineering Masters Program, I will work closely with experts from Wesley Clover and the Alacrity Foundation with the intention of creating a commercial entity upon completion of the project.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Ted Darcie


Hunter Macdonald



Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies


University of Victoria



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