Genomics Study to Identify Genes & Pathways Controlling Reproductive Longevity

Reproductive Longevity (RL) is a complex biological trait under the control of many genes. In livestock, RL of female breeders is a key productivity factor, especially for dairy cows. The genes that determine RL in humans are potential sources of diagnostic and therapeutic innovations for fertility and reproductive health. The proposed research aims to identify RL-controlling genes in mammals using a unique model system, selectively-bred mouse lines that reproduce twice as long and have twice as many litters as matched control lines. The project Partner, Performance Genomics Inc. (PGI), is applying whole genome mapping and sequencing technologies sourced through service laboratories to generate complete genomic datasets for the select and control mice. The internship project will apply bioinformatics tools and approaches to “mine” the RL Mouse genomics data with the goal of selecting and ranking candidates for genes and mutations responsible for doubling of RL in the mouse.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Robert Beiko



Performance Genomics (1999) Inc.


Computer science


Life sciences


Dalhousie University



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