Goal-oriented Safety-Guided Design and Assurance for FinTech

With the increasing popularity of digital assets such as cryptocurrencies, many financial technology (FinTech) systems have become safety critical. However, current FinTech system development approaches often lack the rigorous safety practices found in the aerospace, nuclear, automotive, and military industries. To address safety concerns of FinTech stakeholders (users, but also regulators and financial institutions), this project aims to support FinTech system development with safety-guided design principles, with goals elicited from stakeholders and results clearly communicated to them using appropriate models. The intern will use and adapt standard requirements engineering modelling notations, hazard causation theory, and assurance cases to develop safety-guided design principles. This will be done through a digital asset management case study of value to and provided by the partner organization. This will help the partner organization to more rigorously assess and demonstrate to other stakeholders the safety of its FinTech solutions.

Faculty Supervisor:

Daniel Amyot


Seyed Sepehr Sharifi


Brane Capital


Engineering - computer / electrical


Finance, insurance and business


University of Ottawa



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