Going On-line with Cognitive Rehabilitation: Testing and Implementing Web-based Goal Management Training at Clinical and Commercial Levels

Goal Management Training® (GMT) is a Baycrest cognitive intervention that has been studied extensively, applied clinically, and manualized into kits for clinicians that have been commercially available since 2012. GMT targets executive functions, a collection of higher-level abilities involved in planning, organization, strategy, and inhibition. Executive impairment can be seen in normal aging as well as in numerous neurological conditions, including dementia and traumatic brain injury (TBI). GMT is the gold-standard treatment for executive impairment worldwide. As part of further commercialization and dissemination efforts, the in-person GMT protocol has recently been translated into a web-based platform.
This project will test online GMT in groups of individuals experiencing executive impairment, including healthy aging and subjective cognitive impairment, and TBI. GMT will be deployed in real-world clinical practice to further refine the implementation protocols. We will also test the program’s commercial viability, which will be required for broad dissemination, and develop a plan to explore long-term health system-level impacts of this innovation/solution.
There is currently no widely accepted and researched online resource for people with executive impairment. The proposed research will leverage expertise of Cogniciti to fill that gap, reinforcing a partnership to provide Cogniciti clients with evidence-based cognitive training.

Faculty Supervisor:

Brian Levine


Lynn Zhu






Medical devices




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