Grain Farmers of Ontario Internship: Assessment of plant to plant yield variation in Ontario corn fields


Differences in plant growth rate and development stage of corn plants within a field have been associated with lower yields. This plant-to-plant variability has been attributed to temporal variability in plant emergence, plant spacing variability, and post-emergent environmental stresses. The role that basic corn production practices such as tillage, crop rotation, and nutrient application play in plant-to-plant variability is understudied. A further understanding of this relationship can lead to further yield gains in the future. An internship with the Grain Farmers of Ontario (GFO), an organization that represents all 28,000 grain farmers in Ontario allows me to apply this research to actual corn producers and members of the GFO to provide insights on complex corn production issues. It w ill also give me the opportunity to network with GFO members, employees, and industry partners by being involved in several industry-wide events throughout the summer.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Bill Deen


Aric Bos


Grain Farmers of Ontario






University of Guelph



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