Green Solvents for Isopropyl Alcohol Replacement

Due to the increased demand for isopropyl alcohol industrial clients are turning to replacements for industrial uses. Producing an alternative for isopropyl alcohol for specific industrial applications is now a sought-after target. Creating an environmentally friendly alternative is desired since volatile chemicals used in industrial applications are a major contributor to smog formation. To combat smog formation in North America, agencies such as the Environment and Climate Change (Canada) and the Environmental Protection Agency (United States) enforce limits on the types and amounts of chemicals used in industrial applications. Computational methods will be used to identify potential solvent blend replacements for isopropyl alcohol for specific industrial applications. Suitable solvent blends will then be produced and fully characterized as well as tested for efficacy. The ultimate objective is to produce an environmentally friendly replacement for isopropyl alcohol for specific industrial applications.

Faculty Supervisor:

Laurel L Schafer


Abigail Thompson


TBF Environmental Technology Inc





University of British Columbia



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