Green Strategies for the Urban Design and Development of a Public Square for The City of Kitchener’s Intermodal Transit Hub

The research project will use a case study approach at the proposed Transit Hub for the City of Kitchener. In its objectives, the research will focus on the opportunities for a high quality green public space/square to better integrate a new LRT line and a new GO/VIA rail station into the surrounding city. It will look at how to create a healthy people oriented public environment that will also transfer people from one mode of transit to another. With the surrounding new mixed use developments and heritage architecture of Kitchener’s industrial past, the case study is typical of the situation facing most urban centres undertaking transit expansion in Ontario. Masri O Architects will benefit from the research undertaken in the Mitacs partnership by acquiring a better understanding of the potential of new ideas in green urbanism and sustainable materials strategies which they will then be able to incorporate into their architectural and urban design in the future.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Val Rynnimeri


Tahoora Alimohammadi


Masri O Inc. Architects


Architecture and design


Construction and infrastructure


University of Waterloo



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