Habitat security mapping for improving human-wildlife coexistence in the Bow Valley

Tourism, nature-based recreation and residential development within the Bow Valley (BV) of Alberta’s Rocky Mountains are all valued and continually increasing. The BV is also important for large mammals as it provides habitat for iconic species like grizzly bears to live in and move through. The Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative (Y2Y) is dedicated to balancing the needs of people and wildlife, and collaborated with stakeholders to recommend how to improve human-wildlife coexistence in the BV. Targeting one of those recommendations, this research project will help wildlife managers and stakeholders by developing a method for identifying areas of high-quality, undisturbed grizzly habitat. Land managers can use this information to manage human use in these areas accordingly. By establishing methods that help balance the needs of people with wildlife, Y2Y and the people of the BV continue to exemplify efforts to maintain wide-ranging populations both inside and outside of protected areas.

Faculty Supervisor:

Marco Musiani


Jessica Theoret


Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative


Architecture and design


Other services (except public administration)


University of Calgary



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