Hardware and Software Integration for Automated Drone Surveillance

Unmanned Arial Surveillance is rapidly gaining acceptance for various applications, such as monitoring of long power transmission lines, pipelines and mass transit systems that extend for hundreds of kilometers. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) such as drones provide the flexibility to reduce costs. In the case of natural disaster occurrence such as earthquake, flood or hurricane, drones can quickly fly over to high risk areas where human access would be impossible or dangerous and provide information for rescue operations, etc. In this project, the goal is to develop an automated drone for surveillance purposes that can provide real-time monitoring for the target application. Hardware and software provided by AirMarket will be integrated in this project. The solution will be used to generate a framework for the next stage drone technology that can make drones fly beyond visual line of sight.

Faculty Supervisor:

Zukui Li


Farough Motamed Nasab




Engineering - chemical / biological



University of Alberta



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