He said, she said: career histories of senior information communications technology leaders from Nova Scotia. Barriers and enablers to advancement for women and men

The study will contribute to a better understanding of Information Communications Technology (ICT) leadership development and in particular to executive career management for both men and women. Human resource management practices which contribute to advancement of senior women will be identified in an evidence-based fashion to encourage their application by decision makers. The study will include a review of literature, interviews, and focus groups with a balanced sample of men and women. Analysis and conclusions will be of interest to government, businesses, educators, and individuals. The study will complement a related consulting project which will encourage ICT businesses to change practices and advance more senior women. Halifax Global Inc. (HGI) is a subcontractor in this consulting project. The study will complement the consulting project by including the male career perspective and bringing a more research oriented approach to increase credibility of recommendations thus supporting future business development for HGI.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Michael Shepherd


Jules Fauteux


Halifax Global Inc.


Computer science


Management of companies and enterprises


Dalhousie University



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