Health Data Extraction Review Analysis Learning Device in Nephrology (HERALD-RENO)

Data has become a central part of any organization’s day-to-day operation. Organizations are looking to turn this information into actionable insight. The Dialysis Measurement, Analysis and Reporting System (DMAR) is designed to track healthcare quality indicators where changing practice will have high impact. The DMAR system applies rigorous methods to measure key health care performance measures and efficiently implement and measure change. By developing and implementing an engine like the Health Data Extraction, Review and Analysis Learning Device (HERALD), information could be automatically programmed directly within DMAR. OMM will benefit from research using HERALD because DMAR software would be perceived as more innovative and better able to scale since many of the organizations struggling with data quality do so because of high data volumes and manual preparation. Furthermore, using machine learning would ensure that data is coded and validated consistently.

Faculty Supervisor:

Helen Chen;Catherine Burns


Anis Sharafoddini


Oliver Medical Management Inc


Engineering - other





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