Health Information Interoperability with Bidirectional Transformation and Assurance (HealthBX)

The objective of the HealthBX project is to research and develop advanced software engineering methods for the purpose of increasing the interoperability of different clinical health information systems used in the province of British Columbia (BC). BC clinics use a variety of different health information systems to maintain electronic patient data. However, the abilities for these systems to exchange health data electronically is severely limited. The software that governs electronic health data exchange must be engineered to comply to important quality requirements, such as safety, correctness and reliability. The HealthBX project will use new engineering methods (assured, bidirectional transformations) to achieve these objectives. Our project partners will benefit from exposure to these new methods and the Canadian public will benefit from increased, reliable health record exchange capabilities.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jens Weber


Adeshina Alani




Computer science


Information and communications technologies




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