Heat Transfer Analysis of an Electric Baseboard Heater using Computational Fluid Dynamics

This research is an attempt to understand a heat transfer challenge encountered in the Glen Dimplex electric baseboard heaters in details and provide recommendations to resolve that. This baseboard heater uses electricity to heat up an internal element which is designed to transfer the heat to the room?s air via a series of thin aluminum plates called fins. The poor heat transfer from heater fins to air results in low efficiency of the heater as well as the unwanted physical deformation of fins by thermal expansion. Using computer modeling, the heat transfer mechanisms inside the heater will be analyzed, the possible reasons for the heater?s low heat transfer performance will be identified, and recommendations to improve its performance will be given. Using these recommendations, Glen Dimplex would be able to redesign and improve its heaters consuming less electricity while providing higher heat output.

Faculty Supervisor:

Amir Aliabadi


Mojtaba Ahmadi-Baloutaki


Glen Dimplex Americas


Engineering - other




University of Guelph



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