High Efficiency GaN RF Power Amplifiers for 5G and Beyond Applications

This research project will be a collaborative effort to explore, understand, and capitalize on the growing market shift from Laterally Diffused Metal Oxide Semiconductors (LDMOS) to Gallium Nitride (GaN)-based radio units in the base station market, which is ever-growing with the increased demand for 5G. The intern will be trained on simulation, measurement, design, and development tools that will allow for a comprehensive analysis of these GaN-based units. The intern will learn valuable practical design skills that are complementary to her theoretical work and Recon-RF will benefit from a proven technique that will answer their needs for future designs. Between this upskilling and the candidate’s current Master’s thesis work, along with the expertise and resources offered by Recon-RF, the collaboration will demonstrate advanced waveform engineering products that are guaranteed to have a large impact in the base station and 5G market.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mohamed Helaoui


Akshita Tangri


Recon RF


Engineering - computer / electrical




University of Calgary



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