High Efficiency RFIC Power Amplifier

The power consumption by Radiofrequency (RF) Integrated Circuit (IC) Power Amplifiers (PAs) in mobile handsets and other mobile communication devices is a major factor determining the battery life of these equipment. The objective of this project is to find new ways to implement power efficiency improvement techniques in CMOS RFIC PAs for improved battery lifetime, for the RFIC PA products of the Kanata-Ontario based Design Center of Skyworks Solutions Inc. It is expected that the results will demonstrate the feasibility of a new approach to implement the power efficiency improvement and PA protection functions, and which will suit Skyworks’ RFIC PA technologies. The intern will learn valuable practical design skills that are complementary to his theoretical work and Skyworks will benefit from a proven technique that will answer their needs for future RFIC PA products.

Faculty Supervisor:

Nicolas Constantin


Smarjeet Sharma


Skyworks Solutions Inc


Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies


École de technologie supérieure



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