High-fidelity, Directable Animation Transfer for Dubbing

The entertainment industry delivers media products around the world to people speaking a large number of distinct languages. To accommodate different languages, the producers typically re-generate the sound stream in different languages in a post-production step, but they leave the same video footage resulting in the desynchronization between the audio and video content, creating an unnatural effect. In this project we are developing and extending a set of tools and techniques to naturally synthesize the video footage to match the audio track eliminating the visual artifacts. Such methods and tools will help create higher quality video and audio content that can be easier “translated” to any language increasing the competitive edge of the company as well as the dubbing industry as a whole.

Faculty Supervisor:

Tiberiu Popa;Eric Paquette


Dhyey Patel


Productions Audio Z Inc


Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and cultural industries




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