High Performance Clustered Secure Storage Solution

45 Drives—a Nova Scotia based company—offers a high-density, low-cost data storage solution called the Storinator. While this product has been very successful, clients have indicated they would like a clustered solution which offers similar performance and redundancy, without sacrificing security or drastically increasing the cost. Researchers at the University of New Brunswick have been identified as a good fit for creating a clustered software-architecture in tandem with 45 Drives’ hardware-architecture. This software solution will be created from other software products which release their code for free called Free Open-Source software, or FOSS. The software-architecture must keep data secure, be resilient to failure and perform its tasks quickly. To the best of our knowledge, no one offers a storage solution with the properties described above.

Faculty Supervisor:

Kenneth Kent


Fatemeh Khoda Parast


45 Drives


Computer science


Information and communications technologies


University of New Brunswick



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