High Power Density DC-DC Converter for Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Stations

Limited driving range coupled with limited availability of fast charging facilities is a major obstacle for electric vehicle (EV) adoption. As battery technology improves for EVs to have fast charging capabilities, the demand for EV fast charging facilities is also increasing. However, fast charging stations do impose challenges to the electricity grid due to high power demand and supplying such power is not even possible at locations with low short circuit power. Therefore, fast charging stations with an intermediate buffer energy storage system (ESS) are considered in this project. The ESS is charged slowly with low power so as to not overload the utility grid, whereas the EV battery is charged with higher power. This project will develop a high efficiency and high power density DC/DC converter to transfer power between the ESS and the EV battery. The developed technology will then be implemented in eCAMION’s fast charging station, which will enable eCAMION to compete in the global market with ever increasing demand for fast charging.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jennifer Bauman


Md Ahsanul Hoque Rafi




Engineering - computer / electrical




McMaster University



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