High Precision Mapping with Mobile Robots

The goal of this project is to explore active sensing strategies to map an environment as precisely and as fast as possible using teams of mobile robots, such as quadrotors and ground robots. Available sensors are assumed to include various types of cameras and RGB-D sensors (kinect), as well as standard navigation sensors (inertial, high precision differential GPS, etc.) for localization. The robotic networked team should take into account at each time the current uncertainty about the map, which depends on occlusions, shadows, etc., in order to replan the trajectories in real-time. For this project, we will develop algorithms, a simulation environment, a proof-of-concept indoor system involving cheap platforms such as AR drones, and finally an advanced outdoor system relying on state of the art hardware.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jerome Le Ny


Manikandasriram Srinivasan Ramanagopal



Engineering - computer / electrical





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