High Precision Turbulence Measurement using Micro-Turbulence Profiler

Researchers from academia and industry have recently shown interest in generating electricity from the kinetic energy of the water streams. Generating electricity using hydrokinetic turbines is an emerging technology and its development depends on the good understanding of the different aspects of the technology. In this project we measure and analyze the flow velocity and turbulence characteristics of tidal streams in the Alderney Race, one of the most suitable locations for hydrokinetic turbine farms. An Acoustic Doppler Velocimetry probe will allow for the measurement of the instantaneous 3-D velocity of the flow, and a Micro-Turbulence Profiler will enable the capture of the velocity fluctuations in a column of water. The results of this study will help in the development of hydrokinetic turbine technology from deployment to the energy generation and also the sediment transport models. This is advantageous for the hydrokinetic turbine industry, as well as in studying environmental impacts.

Faculty Supervisor:

Eric Bibeau


Mohammad Shahsavarifard



Engineering - mechanical



University of Manitoba



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