High-Quality Urban Representation/iCity: Urban Informatics for Sustainable Metropolitan Growth

The intention of this collaborative research effort is to create an accurate digital 3D model of the City of Toronto waterfront that can be used by city planners to visualize factors relevant to the city when making high-level decisions regarding infrastructure and policy. This project is a collaboration between OCAD University and Esri Canada Limited, a software company that specializes in geographical information systems (GIS). EC has offered the use of their proprietary software CityEngine, which optimizes the process of creating realistic 3D city and geographical models. The OCAD University intern is responsible for learning this software, integrating relevant city and geographical data, and finally creating the digital model. Within the broader scope of the iCity project, this model will then be used as a testbed for developing custom visualization software. The benefit for EC is that they can showcase their software as a permanent component of the City of Toronto’s information architect

Faculty Supervisor:

Sara Diamond


Michael Carnevale


Esri Canada




Automotive and transportation


OCAD University



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