High Voltage Indicators and Warning Systems

Fatal personnel injury due to accidental contact with high voltage lines and equipment happens from time to time despite of substantial efforts put in place by industry to minimize the risk. The objective of the project is to identify effective concepts, techniques and solutions to reduce the risk of inadvertent contact with high voltage equipment for both Hydro workers and the general public. We will identify the most common scenarios of potential fatal encroachment based on the data obtained from BC Hydro. Then, we will conduct a comprehensive search for available commercial products and techniques, based on which new technologies or improvements to different parts of existing products will also be proposed to better fit the needs of BC Hydro. This research work will generate a report, covering available solutions to mitigate high voltage risk, assessment of the reliability, specificity, cost and expected performance for solutions and corresponding recommendations.

Faculty Supervisor:

Xiaodai Dong


Yongyu Dai


BC Hydro


Engineering - computer / electrical




University of Victoria



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