Hollow Microneedle Manufacturing Process Development

Microneedles are hollow needle structures made out of metal, polymer, or silicon which can be manufactured at any height up to one millimetre, with arrays from one to hundred microneedles, depending on the required playload for delivery. Microneedles platform technology can be applied in medical, cosmetic, biotechnology, and industrial applications. The partner
organization has developed a low-cost process for manufacturing hollow microneedle arrays. The intent of this project is to improve and optimize the manufacturing process to increase microneedle uniformity and manufacturing repeatability. Different fabrication processes and process sequences for creating microneedle tip opening will be investigated to increase the robustness of the prototype manufacturing process. Also, the choice of sacrificial material will be optimized to improve the metal electroplating process and device removal from the mould. These improvements are necessary for finalizing the design of the prototype and creating a Minimum Viable Product for clinical trials testing.

Faculty Supervisor:

Konrad Walus


Mehrsa Raeiszadeh




Engineering - computer / electrical


Medical devices


University of British Columbia



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