Human umbilical cord perivascular cells as cell therapeutics for biodefense and immunomodulation

Mesenchymal stromal / “stem” cells (MSCs) are found in adult tissues such as bone marrow and fat and also in neonatal tissues such as the placenta and umbilical cord. Among these sources, Human Umbilical Cord PeriVascular Cells (HUCPVCs) are the richest source of MSCs described. Importantly, they possess immunomodulatory and immuneprivileged properties which enable them to be delivered from one donor to another, evading immune detection. Tissue Regeneration Therapeutics (TRT) Inc. is developing MSC products with prophylactic properties for use in biodefense and immunomodulation applications by genetically modifying the cells to secrete therapeutic antibodies, however we lack inhouse expertise in this area. This project will enable the laboratory of Dr. Bernhard Ganss, in collaboration with TRT Inc., to carry out pilot collaborative work to address these and other challenges associated with designing, engineering, producing, and testing this novel class of MSC-based therapeutics in animal models of disease for use in biodefense

Faculty Supervisor:

Bernhard Ganss


Dominik Fritz


Tissue Regeneration Therapeutics Inc.




Life sciences


University of Toronto



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