Hybrid Distributed Energy Resources for Net-Zero Energy Buildings

The main objective of the project is to develop hybrid distributed energy resource (HDER) systems to supply energy to net-zero energy commercial and residential buildings. This is expected to result in lower energy costs to consumers and utilities and in greater reliability of the grid. The HDERs will consist of solar panels, generators, and batteries. They will supply buildings with energy whenever possible and feed any excess energy to the grid. The grid will supply energy to the buildings whenever energy from the HDERs is insufficient. Over time, the net amount of energy supplied by the grid will be zero. The project will be a collaboration of researchers from Western University and personnel from the Centre Wellington Energy innovation, who will commercialize the HDERs under the product name of ONguard.

Faculty Supervisor:

Gerry Moschopoulos


Ramtin Rasoulinezhad


Centre Wellington Energy Innovations


Engineering - computer / electrical






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