Hybrid encryption and intrusion detection for an e-commerce database

The recent rapid growth of web-based applications and information systems has increased the risk exposure of databases and, thus, the security and protection of data from internal and external threats is more crucial than ever. Damage and misuse of data affect not only a single user or application, but may have disastrous consequences on an entire organization. The partner company’s database contains sensitive financial transactions information and customers can have direct and immediate online access to business information that pertains to them anywhere anytime. Therefore, the protection of the information database against malicious activity is critical. The proposed project aims at designing a multi-step database security system for an e-commerce application in which we will incorporate the latest advances in database security and machine learning research. While the first phase of the project aims at increasing the security of the database system, the second phase aims at the fast detection of malicious activity in case the hackers get access to the database system.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Steve DiPaola


Nahid Karimaghalou


Pay2p Financial Inc.


Interactive arts and technology


Finance, insurance and business


Simon Fraser University



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