Hybridity media’s circles software design and interface research

Hybridity Media’s Circles, is a user-friendly software application. With motion senor technology and light projections, it causes the audience to become the art by painting a visual portrait on a screen using their dynamic body movements.

Hybridity’s design of the Aga Khan Museum opening, using our signature interactive art installation techniques, is an opportunity to fuse a thousand years of early history with the future of electronic artistry.

Push and Pull is Hybridity’s epitome of play and experimentation. The user controls the music and the projections by dancing and moving about. Bringing it to the Vancouver International Children’s Festival is a chance for us to model our prototype for our choicest audience yet.

Through the development of these projects, Hybridity Media will research and develop projection mapping and interactivity through sensor-based technologies like Microsoft Kinect, in an installation setting, allowing for new artistic visions enabled through innovative forms of audience engagement.

We will use the three projects as case studies for further development and innovation in the art and technology field, propelling Hybridity to fulfill its mandate of making and sharing cutting-edge digital art.

Faculty Supervisor:

Fiona Bowie


Rafael Puyana


Hybridity Media


Interactive arts and technology


Digital media


Emily Carr University of Art and Design



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