Hydraulic Vortex Optimization of a Recessed Impeller Pump

Toyo Pumps is performing research to upgrade their current line of recessed impeller or vortex pumps. Currently, these pumps can only operate in very limited and specific conditions. The goal is to redesign these pumps to allow them to operate in a wider variety of conditions and improve the efficiency, producing more work at a lower power cost. New designs will be made using advanced technology that makes it possible to virtually investigate hydraulic designs using software that simulates the flow through a pump. This allows for designs to be completed before ever constructing an actual pump. These advanced methods also make it possible to find and investigate designs that may be non-obvious and more complicated than if designed using traditional theoretical methods. These new and improved designs will give greater flexibility of use to the end user and save in power costs, reducing their footprint.

Faculty Supervisor:

Siamak Arzanpour


Shahab Azimi


Toyo Pumps


Engineering - mechanical






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