Hydrogel Ionotronic Solar Cell

Solar power currently makes up a tiny fraction of all global energy needs. The current silicon based solar cell technologies which on average operate at around 15-17% efficiency have low likelihood of being a total fossil fuel replacement. They have very slow energy payback, their mass production cost savings are hitting a wall, and they are being manufactured with large amounts of Green House Gases.
The collaboration between Callisto Integration Ltd., and Integrated Quantum Optoelectronics Laboratory at the University of Waterloo led by Majedi has been already established in the framework of initiating research program on transformative solar cell technology over the last two years prior to this application. The goal of this research to come up with a step change in the efficiency and cost equation in solar cell technology that it is so compelling that it rapidly transforms the world-wide energy industry. By exploring new device physics and engineering designs, the research program aims at integrating the bioinspired light absorbers based on structural color such as black butterfly wings with bioinspired ionotronic systems specifically to electric eel based on flexible, regenerative and low-cost hydrogel materials.

Faculty Supervisor:

Hamed Majedi;Sheva Naahidi


Amirhossein Hajbagheri;Najiba Soudi


Callisto Integration


Engineering - computer / electrical


Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Waterloo



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