Hyperspectral image analysis of skin erythema after radiation therapy

Acute skin erythema is a common side effect with patients undergoing radiotherapy treatment. It displays itself as an increase in skin redness and irritation. Erythema has been reported to correlate to individual patient response to radiation and therefore may be useful to guide and modify courses of treatment in a timely manner. Currently, upon visual examination, a qualitative score can be assigned to characterize the severity of erythema, which then may be used for assessing radiation response. As this clinical assessment is not a quantitative measure and in fact is a highly subjective one, we aim to develop an alternative objective measure to accurately quantify skin erythema. This project is aimed to use data from a new hyperspectral imaging technology developed at McMaster University in Canada and to propose relevant image analysis algorithms that can precisely quantify skin erythema and objectively correlate this phenomenon to
radiation response.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mark Drew


Ali Madooei



Computer science



Simon Fraser University



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