Hyperstate: Communication between organizations In the Music Business

The current project intends to create a software platform solution that solves the communication between organizations in the Music Industry. Overall, the platform uses third party systems to achieve the requirements of the problem statement. Moreover, the platform is built over abstraction levels to integrate different components. The research of the integration of these parties including blockchain technologies will solve the data transmission and accountability responsible for the payment distribution of value in the specific use case of the Partner in the Music Industry. Specifically, transmit data among several organizations (labels, artists, distributors, etc efficiently) to make payments fast, securely, and reliable so achieving trust between the participants. The chain of the processes that are going to be defined will automate the accountable traditional processes. Each participant will get their payoffs more fairly and faster, improving and innovating the industry at the same time.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ralph Deters


Marco Antonio Maigua Teran


Membran Canada


Computer science


Information and communications technologies




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