Icephobic Coatings from UV-Curable Phosphonium Salts and Their Ice Adhesion Measurement

The project will manufacture new coatings that will repel ice. These coatings can be applied onto metal, wood, glass, etc, and in particular can aid in the prevention of ice build-up on wind-power turbines. The coatings will be comprised of new materials that have not been applied as ice-repellent (or water repellent) coatings before. In addition a device to measure the adhesion of ice to the coating will be developed. 3M will benefit from investigating these materials because they offer a new technology that can be applied as both hydrophobic or hydrophilic coatings with a simple modification. These materials may also have utility for different applications, which 3M can actively pursue. 3M will also gain a method to test a coatings’ ability to repel ice, which it requires to screen potential coating candidates.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Paul Ragogna


Yuqing Liu


3M Canada






Western University



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