Identifying High-Risk Medications Associated with Acute Kidney Injury in Older Patients: A Visual Analytics Approach

Patients admitted to hospitals, particularly older patients suffering from multiple diseases, mostly take several medications. Kidney function tends to decline with age, even in patients without kidney disease. Therefore, kidneys cannot filter the medication properly from our body. In such a situation, certain medications or a combination of multiple medications can cause severe damage to kidneys. Sometimes a high dose of a medication may be harmful to a patient and lead to death. The goal of this project is to identify high-risk medications, medication combinations, and their doses that may cause kidney injury. I will achieve this by conducting several studies with patient medical history data. Prescribing unsuitable medications among older patients increases healthcare expenditure. Successful implementation of this project will result in a substantive healthcare cost savings by reducing prescription errors.

Faculty Supervisor:

Kamran Sedig


Sheikh Shaugat Abdullah


Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences


Computer science


Professional, scientific and technical services


Western University


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