IEC 61850-Based Centralized Intelligent Station-Level Protection for Power Systems with Multi-Technology Distributed Energy Resources

Protection systems perform vital function in power distribution systems to ensure safety of public and equipment during network faults, and usually designed assuming a single power source supply. Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) are fast becoming an integral part of most Electric Power Systems around the world. Improvement in reliability, efficiency, power quality, and reduction in greenhouse emissions are some of the reasons behind this. However, the integration of DERs in distribution systems will result in structural changes causing a bidirectional power flow and variable fault current level. Depending on the DER penetration level and technology type, this could result in the failure of the existing protection schemes and their coordination. This project proposes to develop an innovative, reliable, communication-based Centralized Intelligent Station-level Protection (CISP) system using emerging technologies.

Faculty Supervisor:

Athula Rajapakse


Adeyemi Adewole


RTDS Technologies Inc.


Engineering - computer / electrical






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