Impact of a cognitive intervention program for adults with traumatic brain injury (TBI)

Cognitive impairments are the most common long-term challenges after traumatic brain injury (TBI). There is very little research on interventions to improve cognitive function after brain injury. The goal of this project is to evaluate whether and how an intensive cognitive intervention program (Arrowsmith program) may stimulate positive changes in the brain. We have already started this program and showed that after 3 months of intervention, there were small changes in both brain and behaviour. We will now increase the number of participants in this program and include a group of participants with TBI who will not receive the Arrowsmith intervention. We expect to see significant changes in brain and behaviour with a larger number of people. In addition, by including a group of TBI participants who do not receive the intervention, we will be able to evaluate whether the changes we see may be due to the effects of the Arrowsmith intervention.. The intern working on this project will be involved in sophistical analyses of MRI data and will evaluate the relationship between these data and cognitive function. The Arrowsmith program will receive important information about if and how the program impacts positive changes in the brain.

Faculty Supervisor:

Naznin Virji-Babul


Angela Mueller


Arrowsmith Program Inc


Human physical performance and recreation


Life sciences


University of British Columbia



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