Impact of Post-Quantum Cryptography on PKI, Common Libraries, Protocols and Crypto Agility Requirements

Advances in quantum computing have Entrust Datacard and their customers concerned about whether the industry is ready to move to post quantum cryptographic algorithms, particularly for PKI use cases. Entrust Datacard and University of Ottawa will test the quantum-readiness of commercially-available PKI. The end goal is to provide guidance to the community about the impact of particular PQ algorithms on common infrastructure, provide examples of safe migration paths where they exist, and recommend changes or mitigations based on discovered issues. This research will help establish Entrust Datacard’s leadership moving towards post-quantum cryptography and prepare the market to meet the challenges of a post-quantum world.

Faculty Supervisor:

Carlisle Adams


Jinnan Fan


Entrust Datacard Limited


Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies




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