Implementation & Effectiveness of the Youth in Transition Intensive Case Management

The proposed research will consist of an evaluation of both the implementation and effectiveness of the YouIT program for youth and young adults with mental health and addiction problems. An implementation evaluation will be conducted to document whether the program has been implemented as intended (based on best practices) and how the program is actually implemented. The outcome evaluation will examine the outcomes of clients over the course of their participation in the YouIT program. This evaluation will provide CMHA ways to improve program delivery and will identify changes toeffectively provide ICM services to youth. An outcome evaluation will help the organization understand the effectiveness of the YouIT program. Through this evaluation, the organization will have a better understanding of the demographics and needs of their clients in the program. Deliverables for the project will include two written reports and a community forum.

Faculty Supervisor:

Drs. John Sylvestre & Tim Aubry


Amandeep Bassi & Stephanie Rattelade


Canadian Mental Health Association - Ottawa Branch




Life sciences


University of Ottawa



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