Implementation of a music-based walking program for clients of Parkinson Alberta Society

The proposed project seeks to build upon a recent pilot project that developed and evaluated a novel auditory reminder system that clients of Parkinson Alberta Society can employ to exercise large step walking outside of clinical settings. The pilot study highlighted a number of aspects requiring further investigation, both from clinical and research perspectives. Consequently, the proposed project will aim to elucidate further the potential effects of the music and walking program and expand current program capacity. This will be achieved via recruitment of participants who experience arm swing or freezing problems. Evaluation of program efficacy will involve collection and analysis of questionnaire, walking, and interview data. To facilitate the dissemination of the program and make it more user friendly for Parkinson’s patients, the proposed project will also revise existing program user materials and develop and deliver a training course for Parkinson Alberta Society staff on how to administer the music and walking program.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Bin Hu


Terry Clark


Parkinson Alberta Society


Human physical performance and recreation


Life sciences


University of Calgary



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